OUR POLICY - What we are looking for !

We look for highly qualified candidates with a high level of Energy, Motivation, Drive, Enthusiasm, Initiative and Commitment.

We do not only offer just a ’Job’, we offer an “Adventure“ and the chance to become part of a "Winning Team".

We're developing something New, developing the Future of a Major Health Care Center in the Northeast of China. 


You will need to apply by writing a letter of application and providing a copy of your CV in English, including a Passport photo.

(emailed to hr@jlheart.org or dr.lemma@jlheart.org)


Candidates selected for further evaluation are expected (invited) to visit our Hospital to meet the team, see the hospital, environment and the City of Changchun. 



Employment Paperwork after you have accepted a position

Step 1    We need scanned copies of your documents to apply for a “work permit” and a “letter of Invitation” from the Changchun local government bureau


                 1.   Copy of your passport

                 2.   An up to date copy of your CV

                 3.   ID photo

                 4.   A copy of your Medical Diploma(s)(Notarized by the Chinese Embassy in your country)

                 5.   A copy of the Board Certificate of Medical Practice(Notarized by the Chinese Embassy in your country)

                 6.   A copy of your PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM - these examinations have to be done by a China’s embassy designated hospital (since there is a time limit for your PHYSICAL Exam,

                       please do this close to your Visa application)

                 7.   A copy of your certificate of “Non-Criminal Record”


note:      With reference to all the above documents, we just need scanned copies to get a “work permit”

              and a “letter of Invitation” from the local government in Changchun.

              Once we get these two documents issued from the government, we will send them to you.

              Then you can apply for a Z-Visa (work visa) from the embassy.


Step 2    After you arrive in China with your Z-Visa, we will organize a residence permit for you


                 1.   Physical examination required from a certified hospital in Jilin Province

                 2.   Original documents for the “residence permit” application so please bring them with you

                 3.   Documents of your accompanying family members


Step 3    Medical License Registration


                 1.   Your Medical Diploma (Notarized by your local Chinese Embassy)

                 2.   The Board Certificate of Medical Practice (Notarized by your local Chinese Embassy)

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