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Some Info

The Jilin Heart Hospital is a new 300 bed specialized cardiac center, 40 adult ICU & 20 pediatric ICU beds, 4 OR´s, 1 hybrid OR, 4 cath labs, MRI, CT, Pet-CT, etc 

It's a modern private non-profit hospital and it's responsible for about 60-80 million people, including Mongolia and pediatric patients from Tibet. 

Our hospital is pretty unique and simply one of a kind ! 

We aim to perform several thousand procedures annually, that's Adult and Pediatric, Cardiology and Surgery.

Health & Social Insurance as well as charity funds, cover all the costs for diagnosis, treatment and surgery of all of our patients.  

The Senior Doctors and Medical Staff are all from Europe and they bring a wealth of Western knowledge into our bi-lingual English/Chinese environment 

We are looking for Doctor´s, GP´s and Specialized Medical Technicians for Adult & Pediatric Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Anesthesia, Intensive Care Medicine, Radiology, Out-Patients, etc.

The Jilin Heart Hospital is affiliated with the University of Jilin, and your time here can be accredited for education in Europe.

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